Monday, 2 February 2015

Assignment 1 images and tutor feedback - New Year's Resolutions

Attached are the images initially submitted to my tutor for review for assignment 1.

Tutor feedback: -

1. The development of the project from market stall holders to the inclusion of the New Year's Resolution gave the project an additional dimension.

2. Sources of research should be included in my learning log - e.g. annotated photos from books showing how I've incorporated (or not) elements into my own work.

3. 28mm lens would not normally be a first choice for this type of work - more normal would be 50mm - 80mm.

4. Layout and format is good, but the font needs to be reviewed.

5. My overall concept for the project was good; plus the idea of a revisit to check on progress in 6 months was excellent and enables a natural rework of the images.

Re point 2: annotated photos from books

Still Open (see references)

This book presents shops across London and breaks the capital into areas, giving a short introduction to each area before then moving into a couple of pages of detail per shop visited.
The layout of this book has a very relaxed feel about it and the format of the images varies across pages and from page to page. It is very much a pick-up/put-down book for the coffee table.

Map and introduction to the area
Detail of shop visited

Shutting Up Shop (see references)

This book is the complete opposite from the one above - there is a short introduction from Londei about the project, he then launches his information.
The layout is very formal (very OCA and right up Jose's street) with the left hand page providing a brief write-up on the shop and the facing page showing the shop and the employees. The only difference being he mixes internal and external views.
The nice thing about the copy of the book I have is that there is a revisited section at the back of the book.
(I suspect this is the influence for me to revisit my NYR project.)

Detail of shop visited

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