Sunday, 8 February 2015

Assignment 5 planning (part 6) - feedback

I was correct, currently this assignment is going horribly wrong; in fact it's actually become two separate assignments. So much for trying to converge my ideas for this project.

The critics were good and frustrating; on topic and off topic...

Unfortunately, the critics just confirmed what I already knew. I have a set of images, in fact 2 sets of images, both interesting on their own but they don't link and neither communicates a clear narrative.

I cannot get a/the/any narrative to make sense for these images for this assignment. 

Next steps - I think I have to progress with the Piper set (back to the original brief) and hopefully with a completed set of images the narrative will fall into place...

I understand this is a very risky strategy, but I'm still sure the concept has legs.

In trying to limit the scale of this project, I decided to focus on one building and build a portfolio using the different artistic styles employed by Piper, as apposed to taking 15 individual buildings/views and employing a single artistic style. Attached are the Piper images shared with the OCA critics:

All images are of All Saints Chilvers Coton Parish Church

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