Sunday, 8 February 2015

Assignment 3 planning (part 5) - Moo to You (Blurb)

Having got to a point where I was reasonably happy with the dummy book - see assignment 3 post part 4; I decided I would actually get my work made into a book.

Softcover, standard landscape with 42 pages - £17.99

It took 5 days to arrive and I was very impressed with the quality of the document received. This is the first book I've done and I have no reservations recommending Blurb.

I spent significant time reviewing my book and the more I looked at it, the more mistakes I found and the less I liked it... AND this was before I sent it to my tutor! As such, I decided to write up a list of corrections and send them with the book to my tutor.

The delivery of this assignment asked for a 'published pdf dummy book', however, when I uploaded my book I managed lose the ability to get a pdf version - not sure how, when or where in the process this happened???


The Field - main image

The Field - linking images

Milking Parlour - main image

Milking Parlour - linking images

Having received feedback from my tutor re the format and the layout of my book, I have updated my file in Blurb with both of our corrections and am now having it re-printed. Still no pdf version though.....

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