Sunday, 8 February 2015

Assignment 3 planning (part 4) - my dummy book

The dummy book layout sent to my tutor was a set of screen dumps taken from Blurb - this was sent as an A4 pdf with three pages of my dummy book per page of the pdf.

Blurb is actually very easy to use and its surprising how good your work looks when you're flicking through it in the preview screens. As part of the natural development of this assignment I ended up printing my book (screen dumps) cutting them to size and then sticking them together to create a book - trust me when I say Gerhard Stiedl has no worries!

Nonetheless, this was a very enlightening process, photos below:

Fanned out
General view
Information not yet aquired
Corrections required
To move from 2D to 3D completely changes your relationship with the document. I also found it much easier to edit, critique, annotate the 'book' and I have no doubt it became a better document because of this stage. I had made numerous changes to the book - works, font, image format, image layout, image positions, etc. before the creation of this first dummy, but it was the dummy that actually crystallised the project into something real.

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