Sunday, 15 February 2015

Assignment 5 planning (part 7) - the ugly truth...

This post presents, in no particular order, some of the original images used to develop the All Saint project.

The initial shoot at the church provided some good photographs of the building and the graveyard, however, as the project developed and became more and more abstract in nature these original images were of limited use.

Subsequent shoots were used to capture shapes, textures and angles of parts of building to use as building blocks for the final compositions. These 'ugly' images would be of no use for anything but this kind of abstraction.

With the exception of the last two portfolio photographs in the grave yard, the images were taken back to their base elements - line drawings and then re-coloured - so the actual colour and exposure of the photographs was not important.

Multiple image manipulation

The cover image is a single image with minimal manipulation - rubbish removed from the pavement and a little sharpening.

Vision is a single image but made up of 7 manipulated layers.

Contraction and Solace are the same single image and intentionally so, but again each is made up of multiple layers to create the desired final image.

All of the other images are made up of multiple sections of photographs - from 3 to 7 different photographs.

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