Sunday, 15 February 2015

Assignment 5 planning (part 8) - the build process

Creating the base element of each of the building blocks was a relatively easy process - converting the images to line drawings.

Having selected the image or images needed to create the final composite, they need to be converted into black and white 'pencil' drawings . This is done using the following navigation:

Filter > Stylize > Find edges; Control +I; Control + Shift + U
Pencil drawing
Using Levels, the image then needs to be adjusted to reduce the level of detail and the amount of black included - this better enables any colouring that is required.

The next step is to add the artistic effects, in this case a blue and grey wash and etching to bring out the detail of the stone work.

Colour wash
Etched detail
Finally, for this image, the two grave stones were added.

Grave stones
Once all of the layers is switched on:

Final image

This assignment was very challenging in terms of developing a set of images that were able to be sequenced in order to communicate a narrative and also in developing a range of Photoshop techniques to replicate the different artistic styles utilised by Piper.

My initial attitude of 'how difficult can this be' quickly became 'why do I make life so difficult for myself?' This was much more do do with the development of the narrative rather than the way I wanted the final image to look. Once I could visualise the image, it was a case of trial and error to develop a technique that delivered that result.

My key learning form this assignment - be methodical and ensure that all of the assignment elements are covered before deciding what you want to do. I was (still am) fascinated by Pipers work and wanted to use him in one of my assignments. As such, replicating his technique was my area of focus; the development of a "documentary photo-essay" got lost until I finally had to pull the assignment together.

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