Sunday, 22 February 2015

Reflections on the course...

What do I think?

Well, this is certainly the biggest step I have taken in terms of my development - personal and photographic. Whilst I am still undoubtedly a grounded and logical engineer, I am becoming an enlightened artist and beginning to develop my own voice.

About halfway through the course my tutor commented upon the change in my language. I hadn't noticed this at the time; looking at some of my recent posts my language has moved even further - I know it's me but at the same time I'm struggling to believe it's me.

At the beginning of the course, I found the philosophy very disturbing, now I am happy to enter into and capable of holding my own in philosophical debate. I even have a string of quotes...
[Aside: I still have a fundamental issue with Kendal L Walton!]

I have read and enjoyed reading Sontag, Barthes, Berger and Bazin. I never thought I'd be able to say that. I also have no doubt that the barrage of philosophy enabled everything to fall into place.

This is the hardest module I have completed so far, the additional workload was also significant. I was warned about this in my first conversation with my tutor and I am thankful that I listened. In my first blog post I stated that my aim was to post on a weekly basis - mostly this has been the case. This structured approach to the course has been invaluable, especially because some of my assignments were not completed within the anticipated time line. This delay (a draft assignment 3 was submitted on time, the final assignment 3 was submitted with assignment 5) was concerning at the time, but showed a clear and positive development between the earlier and later photographs. This development was also noticeable in the final formatting of the book.

Naturally my view of documentary had become more rounded, more open and more challenging; I have become less accepting of available information. This is nothing new, each of the courses has had a similar influence on my thought processes.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and I would like to thank my tutor for her support and her challenge.

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