Sunday, 22 February 2015

Assignment 5 - the images

I'm still not sure of the best format for this assignment - this is the link to the pdf as required by the brief. 

My intention is that the description and the image lie side-by-side when viewed, this cannot be done when viewing the pdf. However, it would be achievable as an ebook.

Feedback from my tutor "Although slightly off tangent from the assignment brief and focus of documentary I feel that the final project is working." I absolutely agree with comment even though as we have progressed through the course we have come to accept that any 'record' is a document; albeit without the necessary provenance, the document may lack credibility. 

One of the reasons I selected Piper in the first place, was his very subjective view of the scene, especially as he was employed as a war office painter to record bomb damaged cities. Regardless, I accept that my take on the emotional journey of the rebuilding of the church is a work of pure fiction and hence questionable when submitted as an assignment for a documentary course. However, there are countless accounts of the emotional stories from survivors of this type of 'cathartic journey', the Yesterday channel broadcasts the like almost 24/7. 

In terms of this particular 'journey' I have included all the key stages, so is my take likely to be that far out?

I wonder what Piper would have made of digital photography? I wonder how much more 'radical' his work would have become?

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